One of the pillars of USA’s biggest discount futures brokerages died after he was hit by a car last Wednesday night at Rancho Mirage. Barry Lind, resident of Winnetka who is a well-known business leader of Chicago, established one of the largest discount futures brokerages in the country.

Lind, age 74 from Winnetka, met a fatal car accident and died in an emergency room of a California hospital early this morning. Last Wednesday night, he was hit by a car along Rancho Mirage area.

The 74 year-old business leader formerly served as a director of the board of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 1965, he also co-founded the Lind-Waldock based in Chicago, one of the nation’s biggest discount futures brokerage firm before it was sold in 2000.

Helping modernize the CME, Lind creates the International Monetary Market. He also cofounded and served as managing partner of Silver Young which is a privately-owned Chicago equity firm. Silver Young invests in varied types of business as including real estate, restaurant development and other ventures.

Alan Young who is a cousin and business partner for many years, described his cousin as very generous, helpful; and willing to go out of his way to help people. In fact, he had assisted hundreds of people settled both emotional and financial problems. He was a most kind person and well-loved by friends and co-workers – in fact, he was receiving as much as 200 calls a day. According to the authorities in Riverside County, Cal., Lind was crossing a busy street and was in the corner when he was hit by a vehicle. There was a traffic accident at the scene and Lind was approaching the scene to make arrangement for a tow truck to remove the car. Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner officer, Sgt. Brent Sechrest ruled out alcohol as a factor involved in the crash. Meanwhile, they are making their investigation on whether they would file charges against the other driver; although it seemed unlikely as Lind did not have the right of way, this was the statement from Corp. Angel Ramos who is with the Riverside County Sheriff’s department. Just on the same date, a car accident claimed the life of a veteran from Vietnam who just lost a brother from a bout of cancer early Thursday. He was struck by a car while crossing a street along a street just at the vicinity of his apartment at Hillside.

Chief Joe Lucaszek of the Hillside Police considered the mishap a tragic happening. At around 5:30 o’clock in the afternoon, the victim, identified as William Higbee, age 63, was in his wheelchair and was about to cross a street in Washington along Wolf Road near Washington Street in his wheelchair when he was hit by a Chevrolet 1998 Lumina that was traveling south. The chief added that it was quite dark and Higbee was crossing in a shadowy area. The driver of the erring car could not have seen him. Witnesses told authorities that the victim slammed against the windshield; sustaining a broken leg & pelvis plus facial fractures. Lucaszek was told by Higbee while in the hospital that he was fine and asked the chief to do him a favor. He asked the Chief to turn off his stove at home. He had no inkling that he was going to die. According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office report, right after the crash, Higbee was transported to the Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare but so after was delivered to Maywood Loyola University Medical Center. This was the hospital where he expired at 1:12 o’clock in the morning of Thursday. Police contacted his family after his death and found out that his brother just died of cancer less than 12 hours before the accident. Lucaszek said that the family suffered a double tragedy. Witnesses reported to the authorities that the car was not over speeding so no citations were issued.

Lucasek stated that the woman-driver was extremely distressed. Recently, her husband was also a car accident victim where he suffered critical injuries, including brain damage. She has to relocate her injured husband to Illinois where relatives will look after him. This was double trauma for the poor woman that she would no longer hold the wheel after the accident. Accident victims have rights. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, wage loss and medical bills. Contact an experienced   Truck accident lawyer now for a free consultation.

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