Hundreds flock to attend a work site memorial on Friday for the two women who were killed after a crash that involved a tractor-trailer truck. The company-worker’s of the deceased victims took steps to make sure that the victims’ children are prepared for the future.

Both women, 35-year-old Michelle Chinnis and 44-year-old Tracy Downer, perished after their car was slammed by an 18-wheeler truck on Thornton Road on Wednesday in Douglas County.

Chinnis and Downer were sales associates at the Atlanta-based company. Bruce Jackson, divisional vice-president for, said that he had worked with Downer at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution dating back in the 1990’s whilst with Chinnis at AutoTrader since 2004.

Chinnis and Downer were on a sales call when the tragic accident happened. Downer had just started with the job.

Jackson said that Downer had been with them for a few days, maybe her second day in the field as a sales representative.

Chinnis was a single mother with a daughter aged 16-year-old and Downer was married with two children aged 6 and 9. While the victims’ families planned for the funeral, their company-workers are planning ahead for the future of the children they had left behind.

According to Jackson, they are developing scholarship funds for both the children of the victims so at least they can try to make sure that the children are able to get to college.

Funeral of the victims will be held this weekend and on Monday.

The Georgia State Patrol has yet to confirm whether the 64-year-old truck driver involved in the accident will be facing any charges. The truck driver was not injured in the accident.

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