ORLANDO, Fla. — A 21-year-old UFC student who was supposedly starting her new job on Thursday morning was killed after her convertible Ford Mustang went over the sidewalk, ran up a retaining wall before flipping over and killing her.

The victim Heather Lynne Dreslin was a junior at University of Central Florida. She died on the spot late of accident on a Wednesday night on Briercliff Drive. Heather’s stepfather had told Eyewitness that she was a hard-working student with admirable work ethics. He also said that he is still in state of disbelief.

It is believed by Orlando police that Heather was speeding when she made her way through a curve on Briercliff Drive when she lost control of her convertible Ford Mustang. She had hit a utility pole, and then a retaining wall before her Ford Mustang had flipped over. It appears that her car had skid at about 40 feet whilst the car was upside down.

UFC grad student Jason Mask was in the same circle of friends with Heather. He said that Heather was friendly and outgoing and just wants to include everybody.

Heather’s step-dad said to Eyewitness News that she was an accounting major with dreams of becoming a certified public accountant. She was working by bartending in order to make her way through school.

Heather was heading home on a Wednesday night when she met the unfortunate accident. She was supposed to start her orientation on her new job on Thursday morning at an area Marriott. Her family and friends are now left to mourn on her demise.

Orlando police are still in the process of determining how Heather had lost control of her Ford Mustang. The police are not saying whether alcohol or speed may have been contributory factors that led to the fatal accident.

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