February 13, 2013

School bus drivers who belonged to the Union are laying the blame for the Tuesday’s crash to non-union drivers in Bushwick, Brooklyn that led to the injury of 3 adults and 11 children.

The school bus mishap happened at 8:00 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday eight on Stanhope Street in Brooklyn. According to a reporter, a school traveling south slammed the driver’s side of a Subaru that was going east on Wilson Avenue.

The crash seriously injured the driver of the Subaru while the school bus driver and the m,atron were not hurt. There were also 11 students inside the bus who sustained minor injuries and were treated in local hospitals.

Last Wednesday, Union Local 1181 of Amalgamated Transit blamed the crash on the drivers of the school bus who replaced them but were not members of the Union. The driver of the crashed bus was a non-union member of Fortuna Bus Company. Union members characterized non-union members as safety risk.

Robin Benedetto, shop steward of Local 1181, said that the happening illustrates the safety issues that result when buses are on the hands of non-union drivers. He said that Union drivers are able to drive safely while non-union drivers can be considered a safety risk.

The union found New York City move in opening the competitive bidding process to non-union drivers as a poor move to insure safety.

The crash took place right on the day that Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated the bids to choose the most competitive bus companies. The objective of the government to reduce the costs of paying public school buses to ferry150,000 students to school. The amount has raised from $1 m in 1979 to more than $1.1 billion at present.

School bus drivers said that they will e on strike until the Mayor Bloomberg and the city would return the job security clause to their contract. They also demanded that the  union that job security provisions be part of a competitive bidding process.

Presently, New York City has been the recipient of more than 65 bids by companies interested in school bus contracts. These were solicited bids as the present Union strike of school bus drivers cost the city about $19.2 million. The amount was paid mostly for students” Metro Cards and reimbursement of travel.

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Source: DNA Info Com

Source: New York CBS Local Com