February 12, 2013

Bushwick – Tuesday morning saw the collision between a school bus and a car which caused 14 people to be injured, including 11 children. According to authorities, the collision happened Tuesday morning and despite of 14 injuries, there was no report of any casualty.

The crash took place last February 14 in Brooklyn where 11 of the 14 people injured were children. The mishap happened in the midst of an ongoing strike of school bus drivers which made the striking school bus drivers to blame the accident to non-union drivers.

According to police officials who were on the scene, a southbound bus was heading towards Stanhope Street at about 8:00 o’clock in the morning when for unknown reasons, it slammed into the driver’s side of a Subaru that was running eastward on Western Avenue.

Officials reported that the students on the bus suffered only from minor injuries but were immediately transported to local hospitals. The bus driver and the matron preferred to stay behind and refused medical attention. The driver of the Subaru sustained critical injuries though not life-threatening was also delivered to a local hospital.

Some of the victims were brought to the Medical Center of Wyckoff Heights and other area hospitals.

The school bus crash occurred a month after the city’s public school bus drivers went on strike over a contract dispute. There was no clarification if the bus involved in the Tuesday crash was under the employment of the city’s department of Education.

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Source: DNA Info Com

Source: New York CBS Local Com