EVESHAM, N.J. (CBS) – New Jersey Police know there was an accident and a victim but the problem is that they can’t find him or her. Investigators are searching and hoping they could find the victim alive. They are employing cadaver dogs to sniff the search for the missing victim.

The search has become massive as it covers both ground and air, with complete with thermal imaging cameras that find bodies even in the dark. Firefighters and police in Cherry Hill and Evesham know that they could not stop time.

Police saw a smashed windshield with blood and hair that showed positively that the victim was a person but where was he/she?. It is a hit-and-run case they have never experienced before.

Evesham Township Police Sgt. Joseph Friel said that in an accident, you have a body and a witness or you have a driver who is able to give a little more details.

Tuesday night, the police pulled over an 81-year-old driver of the car with suspicion of drinking while in state of intoxication.

The officer then noticed that there were front-end damages to the car and started questioning the old man from Cherry Hill who was lost and thoroughly confused.

He really appeared under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, a little disoriented. The victim admitted that he hit something, but could not remember the location where he hit it or what time he hit it,” Friel said.

According to the driver, he left the Cherry Hill Mall at 6 o’clock that Tuesday night and he was pulled over two hours after at the east of Main Street in Marlton.

There was an interval of two hours for the collision leaving a wide radius for police to search to try and find the victim. There are no reports of any missing persons in the area nor injuries in the hospital.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen the Ford Taurus or who may have witnessed a collision to contact authorities at 856-983-1116.

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Source: CBS Philly Com ( http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2012/10/10/unusual-hit-and-run-accident-in-south-jersey-under-investigation/)