March 18, 2013

Celebrity movie star Lindsay Lohan may not be able to get away from a lockdown rehab for car accident and other misdemeanors committed in the past.

With her defense lawyer, Lohan gave a guilty plea accepting her responsibility for a car crash that requires her to remain at a rehabilitation facility for 90 days.

After some years facing legal problems, the distressed actress made a plea with no contest. She accepted her commission of driving recklessly, telling a lie to police and obstructing officers from doing their duty which happened in June of last year.

A judge ruled that Lohan be sentenced to 90 days in a rehab, 30 days performing community labor and 18 months undergoing psychological therapy.

The last advice that Judge James R Dabney of the Superior offered to the Mean Girl star was not to drive.

During the time that Lohan sports car crashed on Pacific Coast Highway, she was on probation. Among the celebrities having trouble on the road, it appeared that the 26-year-old actress had so much. She was sentenced repeatedly to jail since 2007 and twice arrested for DUI. Only the antics of her lawyers and her money kept her out of jail for some time.

The hearing was scheduled at 8.30 o’clock in the morning but the accused came after 9:00. She looked slightly haggard in cream-colored attire.

For more than two hours, her lawyers made a deal with the prosecutor in the judge chambers to come up with a win-win plea. It would be recall that upon the advice of her previous lawyer, Lohan pleaded not guilty.

Lohan would have to face 245 days in jail if the judge ruled that she violated her probation in a theft case of 2011.

Formerly a favorite Disney star, Lohan has been under some form of conflict since 2007 and her court troubles have obstructed a once-promising career.

The confused star enmeshed in another sensational courtroom drama last Monday was constrained to plead guilty in car-wreck case that will keep her away from a jail sentence instead she will stay in a rehab facility for 90 days.

Lohan, 26, faced charges when she lied to authorities that she was not the driver of her Porsche, during the time the car collided with a dump truck last June at a freeway in Santa Monica. She pleaded to the charges including reckless driving. Soon she will be doing the mandatory rehab in New York.

This Mean Girls actress has been recommended for rehab several times. She was to have spent 90 days at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital in 2010, but the doctors released her 22 days later. A month after, she failed a drug test so another judge sentenced her to spend two and a half months at the Betty Ford Clinic, but she opted to stay in a group home with a curfew. She stayed voluntarily in a Cal detox facility in 2007.

During the time of her Santa Monica crash, Lohan was still on probation for a 2011 shoplifting conviction. Dabney decided not to sentence her another eight months in jail but she has to undergo 18 months of psychological counseling and 30 days of community service.

Lohan was silent during the court sentence but her father, Michael, made a scene outside the court telling the media that it was the fault of her lawyer for giving inaccurate testimony.

The media suspected that the father was referring to Lohan’s passenger during the crash, Gavin Doyle, who was not included in the hearing. The lawyer denied the accusation.

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