January 15. 2013

Los Angeles — The defense lawyer of actress Lindsay Lohan entered a not guilty plea last Tuesday morning as he represents her client for the three misdemeanor charges resulting from a Pacific Coast Highway mishap which happened last June.

This was the plea entered by her lawyer for Lohan who was charged on November 29 for lying to the police that she was not behind the wheels when they charged her for reckless driving and resisting an officer. She was on her way to a movie set last June.

Last June 8, Lohan claimed that it was her assistant who was driving her Porsche when the car slammed the rear of a PCH dump truck.

At that time, Lohan was on probation for a taking a diamond necklace from a jewelry store in Venice.

Since the charges were for misdemeanor, she was not required to attend the hearing.
Later, it was reported that Lohan fired her lawyer and she hired a New York based attorney to handle her three cases of misdemeanor.

Although during the trial today, Lohan was still represented by her former lawyer. This was what the former lawyer told the judge.

The actress has a reason to be worried. Her offense has a potential sentence of three year imprisonment, as well as additional jail time as her probation for the theft case has been revoked.

She will be appearing in court on Jan. 30 for a pretrial hearing.

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