A one-car crash on Monroe’s Ho Hum Hollow Road November of last year caused life threatening injuries to a woman who was airlifted to an area hospital.

Georgia State Patrol spokesperson confirmed that a one-car single wreck happened at 6:20 o’clock Saturday afternoon along the Ho Hum Hollow Road in Monroe. The wreck left a woman critically injured and she was carried by helicopter ambulance to an area hospital.

Involved in the crash was a Ford Expedition which hit a tree. Although, there was only a single person inside the car but the impact was so immense that the victim had to be extricated out of the vehicle. They also have to call the helicopter ambulance to airlift her to an area hospital.

The victim is a 29-years-old mother of two kids. Jennifer Ford remained in serious condition at the Medical Center of Gwinnett. She was airlifted by helicopter ambulance to the area hospital following the wreck. She slipped into a coma and the doctors feared that there is a possibility that she sustained a brain damage, Valentine’s Day is special for Jennifer Ford, wife and mother of two, who turned 30 during her confinement. The occasion will be something special for this Loganville couple as Jennifer will be going home. Jennifer is learning to walk and talk again after she suffered a brain injury from the crash. It was a development which her family never expected to happen.

Darren Ford, her husband, said that her improvement was amazing compared to her condition when she was first confined in the hospital almost three months ago.

Darren and Jennifer was a picture of a devoted couple who loved and cared for each other as shown for the last three months. They have been married for 12 years.

Jennifer said she love her husband and really appreciated the way he looked after her during her confinement. November of 2012, Jennifer suffered the brain injury as a result of a car crash. She was in coma and during all this time, Darren was at her side, learning from the medical staff how to assist her and helping her to recover.

Darren could still remember that the first word Jennifer uttered when she recovered was for her husband to take her home.

Her wish is about to be realized as she will going home on Valentine’s Day. Jennifer is anticipating her return home where her three kids are eagerly waiting for her.

She received a graduation certificate from the Shepherd Center but her therapy will continue as an outpatient. She is ready for changes taking place in her life not only for the coming months but also for the coming years.

Speech therapist, Alexis Venuti said that her brain is going to heal and this will make possible rapid improvement.

Darren considered all their experiences as an as an emotionally bumpy ride.

Loganville community has been helping the couple raised money to help the Ford family pay their mounting medical bills. Last January 17 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the community is invited to savor a delectable Chick-fil-A meal in the restaurant to benefit the family. They are encouraged to bring their friends. As a fund raiser, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Ford family.

Their family life took a 360 degree turn on November 10 when Jennifer’s car swerved from the Ho Hum Hollow Road and it crashed into a tree. She was critically injured and remained in coma for weeks. The community rallied around the couple and is happy to know that she is on her way to recovery.

Jennifer and Darren are closed to the Loganville and Monroe communities. Both graduated from Loganville High School and were a popular campus couple. They have two kids. Jennifer worked at Clearview Regional Medical Center and Darren in Branch Manager at the City Electric Supply.

Jennifer’s recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.

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