KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Four people, including two-year-old twins, were brought to the hospital after their vehicle crashed right through a salon on Wednesday morning.

According to the police, at about 8:30 in the morning near Gregory and Prospect, a southbound van was hit by a westbound car at the intersection. The collision sent the van to the salon where it crashed into.

People inside the salon said that they saw the wall crashing in.

When the wreckage subsided, they found a little girl lying on the ground and not moving but as soon as a lady picked her up, she started to cry.

Apparently, the incident ejected the 2-year-old little girl from the vehicle. The little girl is a twin and her twin sister was not ejected.

Despite the fact that one twin was ejected from the vehicle, everyone—a female driver, the other twin and one other child—escaped with only minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

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 Woman Describes Car Crash, Baby Thrown from Vehicle