ATLANTA – One man was sent to the hospital and forced evacuate several people living on northwest Atlanta homes after a vehicle crashed into the side of a house. The police believe that a factor that played a role in the crash was alcohol.

The driver of the vehicle was Ray Roberts, according to the police. Roberts faces charges of DUI, failure to maintain lanes, and reckless driving after the incident that made the car go over a fence through a couple of yards and crashing into a side of a 70 Burbank Drive in northwest Atlanta shortly after 7 in the evening of Sunday.

According to family members, a man who was inside the house was brought to the hospital after being hit by a kitchen sink and one other man inside the house was hit by a table and had sustained minor injuries.

Several homes in the area had to be forced evacuated after the car took out the house’s gas meter. Until fire officials could get the gas leak under control, the residents will remain to be evacuated.

Roberts was brought to Grady Hospital in an unknown condition. According to the police, Roberts was placed under arrest in the hospital.

The residents came back to their houses after a couple of hours later. The family whose house was struck by the vehicle had to find a place to stay in on Sunday night. Damages will have to be inspected on Monday morning in order to determine whether the house can be livable during the repairs.

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