EAKINS OVAL – The beautiful Eakins Oval was the setting of an ugly mishap early Sunday morning. Authorities reported that the operator of a vehicle lost control, hurling the car on air and landed right at Philadelphia Art Museum’s landmark fountain.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the driver was speeding along Kelly Drive when the vehicle swerved over to the dirt road and rolled on to Spring Garden Street. The incident happed at 4:15 o’clock Sunday morning.

Police stated that speeding was the most probable cause of the mishap that airlifted a car which landed right at the famous Washington Monument Fountain near the Philadelphia Art Museum.

As the car was airborne, three of its wheels were loosen until it finally landed at the Fountain.

Philadelphia police are trying to figure out why the car was hurled over its side and flew into the Eakins Oval fountain where it settled on its water.

The driver was no longer able to manage his vehicle while traveling at top speed southbound along Kelley Drive and tried to go around Eakins Oval. Police stated that the car leaped on the sidewalk, and was catapulted into the Fountain of Eakins Oval.

It was fortunate that the driver was not injured and he was not driving DUI. Police immediately notified Fairmount Park and concerned officials regarding the damage done to the fountain.

Air view showed the extent of damage to the famed fountain. The police said that they cannot determine the damage done until the erring car is removed.

Although the driver was not hurt in the crash but he will be facing several traffic violations.

Eakins Oval is one of Philadelphia Museum of Art’s features which is truly a wonderful sight. This is an excellent masterpiece of art with the bronze and granite statue of George Washington riding his horse on top and all around the fountain are sculptured animals and plants which are native of the country.

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