ORLANDO, Fla. —One of the victims of a street racing car crash had perished on Monday from the extent of his injuries, according to Orlando police.

28-year old Manuel Faria-Vasquez was one of the three men who were seriously injured in the car accident that happened on East Colonial Drive near Bennett Road at around 3 in the morning on Memorial Day, officers say.

The driver of the vehicle, 25 year old Daniel Guerrero, had lost control of his vehicle and then went straight into an oncoming traffic before crashing into a solid utility pole.

Faria-Vasquez was thrown out form the car, according to authorities and was brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he later perished from his injuries, police says.

The driver, Guerrero, and another passenger, 26-year old Raul Vega, are still in the hospital. According to the police, charges against Guerrero are still pending

Guerrero had had extensive history of traffic violations, police say. Orange County report shows a total of 24 civil and criminal traffic violations dating back to 2004, including a charge for racing on a highway on 2006.

Despite it all, Guerrero was still able to keep his license.

Attorney Mike Gibson said that people often see this many violations yet still be able to be on the road. He said it’s because certain types of offenses rise to the level of driver license suspension.

Gibson says that Guerrero’s violations were not enough for his license to be taken nor be considered a habitual offender. The violations that were presented to Gibson that Guerrero had committed were not qualified to call Guerrero a habitual offender.

For the meantime, Orlando police traffic homicide investigators are still in search for a black or green four-door Honda Accord which they believe had been a part in the race.

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