An elderlywalker-assisted man was hit and killed at Manhattan street as he tried to get across the street on the morning of Friday, according to police and witnesses.
The victim, a 76 year old man whose information was not released immediately, was heading home from his daily blood pressure check at CVS pharmacy near his apartment in Gramercy Park neighborhood shortly after 1 in the morning when the unfortunate accident had happened. A car travelling west on E. 23rd Street near the corner of First Avenue had hit the victim and was transported to Bellevue Hospital but unfortunately succumb to his injuries, according to the cops.

The victim was crossing the street mid-block. The driver of the car, a 72-year old woman, will not be pressed with charges, according to the police. CVS worker had said that the victim preferred to come at night for his daily blood pressure check because it was less crowded.

A witness, Josh Fox 35 years old and president of a nearby Gramercy Condos, had said that when the driver hit the victim, the victim was tossed in the air before landing in the wind shield and ended up bleeding heavily on the ground.
The victim had to use a walker because he recently underwent a hip surgery.

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