Hayman Capital Management LP, a hedge fun run by Kyle Bass announces with regrets the death of Wes Swank, managing director for energy and natural resources of the company. He died from a car accident at the age of 31.

Dallas Police discovered Swank dead inside a Mercedes that had swerved off the road and crashed against a tree. Police record stated that he was less than a mile from his Oak Lawn condominium where the tragedy occurred.

Police are investigating the deadly crash that killed a Dallas-based hedge fund manager on Tuesday morning.

The car crash happened at around 1 o’clock in the morning when Galen Weston Swank, 31, lost control of his 2009 Mercedes car near to Turtle Creek Boulevard and Blackburn Street and his car veered away from the road and crashed on several trees above a river.

Witnesses to the married father-of-ones accident reported that his tires spun his at a stop light as he was traveling too fast. Negotiating around a steep curve,  he lost control, got off the road and hit several trees.

Rescue crews arrived at the scene and found Swank who works for the prestigious Dallas-based Hayman Capital dead.

Friends of Swank’s, who have been stopping by the crash site Tuesday morning, said he worked in investments, was married and had a 3-month old child.

The deceased was valedictorian in the graduating class of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute in 2003 and received an MBA in 2005 from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Files in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority showed that after working in the mergers and acquisitions group of Citigroup Inc. (C)’s investment banking unit, Swank joined Dallas-based Hayman in March 2008.

Kyle Bass, who earned attention by making $500 million betting against subprime mortgages during the 2007 crash, stated that Wes was one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, caring and vibrant individuals he has ever known. It is amazing to remember that people have so much but have so little control over their lives at the same time. The entire Hayman family is suffering a profound and deep sense of loss and their world has been forever changed by the loss of this great man.

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