DAVIE – Traffic in I-595 westbound lanes has reopened after a three vehicle pile-up which caused all vehicles to stop for over two hours in the area last Friday morning.

A chopper view over the area showed cars lining standstill along the roadway; the jammed vehicles going all the way backwards to Fort Lauderdale at the International Airport of Hollywood and where to the junction where the western lanes of I-595 began.

On driver complained that he had been stuck in line for more than an hour and it was taking forever. Another driver added that he was waiting in the line for over two hours. He had just arrived from a New York flight and was on his way to western Broward and was surprised to be a part of this non-moving line.

According to the Highway Patrol of Florida, at around 9 o’clock that morning, the operator of a tractor trailer that was hauling a big generator was signaled to stop near the exit of State Road 7. Then the truck driver, identified as Emmanuel Pierre-Louis, 57-year old, veered his damp truck to keep from crashing on the tractor-trailer. When the dump truck veered to one side, he sideswiped another vehicle, an Honda driven by Ginna Bennett, 30-year old, before crashing head on toward the tractor trailer.  The truck was inflamed and luckily, Pierre-Louis escaped unharmed.

The driver of the Honda Accord was slightly injured and was taken to the Plantation Hospital. Some frustrated drivers tried to make an illegal U-turn to cross the medial going to eastbound 1-509 but they were meet and prevented to pass by the Police patrol.

Pierre-Louis, the driver of the dump truck, was charged with reckless driving.

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