ORO-MEDONTE TOWNSHIP, Ont. – Horrible whiteout weather condition led to a 40 vehicular pile-up on Friday in central Ontario which took the life of a woman when she was struck by another vehicle after getting out of her damaged car.

The chain reaction car crash on Highway 11 sent several others into the hospital whilst leaving wreckage on the scene. 20-30 vehicles were left scattered along the southbound lanes of highway in Oro Medonte Township between Barrie and Orillia.

The accident occurred shortly before noon when a major snow quall blinded the motorists.
Provincial police Const. Peter Leon said that the woman was killed when she was struck by another vehicle involved in the crash as she got out of her vehicle to survey the damages her vehicle sustained.

The woman was declared dead on the scene.
Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement said that he was one of the motorists caught up with the traffic jam brought about by the crash.

Clement added that they were in a whiteout condition that visibility was reduced to two feet.

An hour passed before the snow quall ended and after it faded, several cars and rigs were off the road in the southbound lanes. Other vehicles could be seen stuck in a ditch.
Police say that a single northbound lane of Highway 11 was let open but southbound lanes at 9th Line were to Peter: temporarily closed until at least 5 or 6 in the evening.

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