WILMINGTON, Del. – Riding a school bus is the easiest and fastest way to go to school; just as an ambulance is the fastest way to reach a hospital. It is quite an irony when a school bus and ambulance would collide and endanger the people inside the vehicle.

Capt. Richard Danner of the Wilmington Fire Department announced that this morning, at least three people were injured when an ambulance doing a medical run crashed with a school bus.

Wednesday morning, the police were investigating an accident involving an ambulance and a school bus in Wilmington, Delaware. They want to delve on its cause so such accident will be prevented.

The collision occurred just after 7 o’clock in the morning when an emergency vehicle was responding to a call for a person who lost consciousness in Wilmington; it collided with a school bus at the corner of Franklin and 4th Sts.

Police reported that the crash between the school bus and the ambulance took place at 7:00 o’clock in the morning along the area of Franklin and 4th Streets.

On the part of the ambulance, police said that the vehicle was on a mission as it was answering an emergency call. On the part of the school bus, police said that it was bringing students to St. Mark’s High School.

The ambulance was responding to an emergency call. The school bus was going northbound on North Franklin St, bearing a load of nine children on their way to school.
Both vehicles were on their way to fulfill their respective task when; suddenly, they collided.

The impact caused the ambulance to hit a fire hydrant then it burst into flame with two medical technicians trapped inside. The emergency crew will able to extricate the trapped technicians on time and they were delivered to the Christiana Hospital. Medical staff reported that their injuries were non-life threatening

It was confirmed that there were two Emergency Medical Technicians which were the driver and a passenger – on board the ambulance. They sustained minor injuries and were immediately transported to Christiana Hospital.

Of the nine students in the school bus; one was sustaining minor injuries and transported to St. Francis Hospital. The student was later released to their guardian.
Other students were not harmed and refused to go to the hospital. Instead they waited for another school bus to bring them to school.

The press believed that there could have been a third vehicle involved but they are waiting for the result of police investigation.

The Wilmington Fire Department says it plans to release more details on the crash later today.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are about 26 million children going to school on the school bus every day. School buses are the safest form of transportation in bringing children to school and bringing them home. The DOT is providing special laws to protest children in the school bus. In fact, the most critical accidents involving a school bus happens when the children leaves the vehicle.

Last week, Joint Finance Committee in the Legislature restored funding appropriated for public school transportation so there will be no need to cut 25 percent and leaving schools to fill the balance.

Also agreed upon by the Committee was to continue providing funds for parents of private school students for transportation; however, the stipend was a bit lower than the previous.

The committee decided that payment for public transportation will not be cut instead they will just lower the number of new buses that they plan to purchase for next school year.

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