Hendricks County – As winter season approaches, drivers are yet again reminded about the perils of the winter season. As more snow falls on the ground and as roads become icy, roadways are increasingly becoming dangerous to motorists.

On Sunday, the state had experienced increasing number of vehicular accidents that are caused by icy, slippery, snow-laden roads. Some of the incidents had even resulted in the closure of some portions of the interstate.

Early morning of Sunday, at around 5, the dangerous road condition, doubled by a jackknifed semi truck had resulted in the closure of Interstate 74 in both directions. To accommodate the expected traffic, motorists were rerouted at Ronald Reagan Parkway.

The lanes from the westbound were later reopened approximately three hours after and the eastbound lanes reopened an hour after the westbound lanes. However, moments later, another vehicular accident occurred. The single vehicular accident involving a pickup truck had again resulted in the closure of the westbound lanes for an hour to facilitate cleanup process. Luckily, there was nobody harmed in the incident.

Although as terrible as accident may seem, some people actually earn their living cleaning up after the wreckage that happened. Chris Eads and Dennis Dile are some of those people.

Both of them patrol on the road in search for vehicles that needed to be pulled out from ditches.

Motorists who have been unfortunate enough to be involved in accident, such as falling into a ditch, contacts Eads and Dile for help. Both men have mastered the art of removing vehicles from ditches that it only takes them minutes to do the process.

With the accidents happening on major highways, Eads and Dile knows that time is very important in the cleanup process as they know how worse traffic can get when there is some closures.

In Eads tow lot, vehicles that were a casualty to the bad road condition can be seen; some are even from that of Friday’s accident.

Eads shares that in order for one motorist to prevent ending up in a tow lot, he or she should always check the condition of their vehicles such as tires.

He said that tires that have been bald off easily slip on the icy roads. This might just result for one vehicle to slide off the road and fall into a ditch.

Every motorist should always be mindful not only when driving, but as well as the overall condition of their vehicles whether their vehicles are able to handle this dangerous weather.

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