FELTONVILLE – A woman and a child are being treated for injuries after an accident involving a school bus in Feltonville. It was just before 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon of Monday that a school bus and another vehicle collided.

Investigators reported that the crash happened in the southbound lanes of Roosevelt Boulevard along Front Street where the school bus collided with another vehicle.

Paramedics delivered the 22-year-old woman and her child to Aria Health in Torresdale Divison for injuries. The good news was that mother and child in the car sustained non-critical injuries. There was no news if the school bus had children passengers.

Police are making their investigation on what caused the vehicles crash and if there will charges filed against [\person/s responsible for the incident.

Accidents involving school buses are getting common these days. It was just four days ago when another bus accident happened in the Oakley section of the city. Two people were injured in an accident involving a school bus in the Olney section of Philadelphia.

The accident happened took place shortly after 4:30 o’clock in the afternoon at the North Mascher and West Clarkson streets.

The school bus is owned by the Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy. For unknown reasons, it collided with another car.

Fire officials reported that at least two people were taken by medics to Albert Einstein Medical Center for care.

The good news was that neither of the injuries sustained were life threatening and although there were children on the bus at the time, no further injuries have been reported.

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