Public Safety Department of Texas state troopers are investigating the fatal wreck that resulted to the death of pregnant woman after the vehicle she was traveling with her family rolled over.

Sgt. Johnny Hernandez reported that the wreck occurred after midnight on Friday at the northern part of Raymondville on H-way 77 in Kennedy County.

According to State troopers a woman expecting a baby Niser Quilantan-Saldana, age 19, resident of Mission, a young man, age 19 and a little girl of around 2 years were traveling southward in their Ford Explorer.

Authorities surmised that the operator of the vehicle for unknown reason drove off the road and trying to correct the direction, slammed against a tree.

The impact caused the car to roll over as it ejected the passengers, who were without seat belts.

AS soon as the first responders came, they devoted time to assist Quilantan-Saldana, who was pregnant about to give birth on the scene.

They immediately delivered her to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen where she died a few minutes after admission.

The baby is currently placed in NICU.

The man and the child sustained minor injuries are listed under stable condition.

Iria Wolnick and her family were on their way to pay their last respects to her mother who recently died; when she observed the rolled-over vehicle in  Suv crash in Texas. She stopped her car and went over to assist anyone in need of help. She saw the 8-month pregnant woman was losing dying after being ejected from the vehicle.

The 19-year-old mother sustained laceration on her swollen abdomen, and Wolnick saw blood all around as the girl -in-labor beg to save the life of her unborn baby’s life.

Wolnick was not aware that Saldana was pregnant until she saw the baby’s head emerging from the woman’s cut open stomach.

Saldana was always asking the condition of her baby; that was when Wolnick shockingly saw a big mass on Saldana’s abdomen.

Wolnick forced herself to be composed and calm as she saw the baby’s head coming out from the woman’s cut-open stomach.

Her instincts came into action as Wolnick quickly delivered the baby on the scene of the car accident. She extended her hands and cradled the Miracle Baby.

A Good Samaritan truck driver who was standing-by; took off his shoe lace to tie the umbilical cord.

Saldana expired as a result of the accident, her boyfriend, her 2-year-old and her newborn baby weighing 6 pound & 11 ounce survived.

Emma Lyn Anahi Ortega, aka Miracle Baby is currently in stable condition at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

A mass for the deceased mother was held at 10:00 o’clock in the morning at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Penitas.

Wolnick was invited to Saldana burial at L and I Cemetery in Penitas.

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Sources: Valley Central Com