It was like a puzzle for authorities to solve why a woman was sitting calmly atop of her car that fell in the canal early morning of Wednesday. That woman, identified as Ma. Estella M. Hernandez, age 39, is now booked for DUI as alleged cause of the accident.

It was around 2:30 o’clock in the morning in the area of Dunlap and 7th Avenues that the incident occurred

Brian Rexroad was on his way home when he saw a car swerving on towards Dunlap Ave. before it stopped by the Canal in Arizona. Feeling something odd, he took a closer look.

Rexroad then called 911 for firefighters from Glendale and Phoenix to save the woman.

Phoenix Fire Capt Tony Muir commended Rexroad being an excellent as he immediately called 911 and stayed to assist. When he saw that the vehicle was going into the water, he made sure than the person in the car was OK.

When firefighters reached the scene, they found the woman sitting calmly on top of her car, waiting for help.

Crews launched a water rescue and got her to the bank. She was not injured but they were wondering why she was driving erratically that caused her car to fall into the canal.

Muir mentioned that this is not the first time a vehicle has been submerged in the canal and that Wednesday morning’s situation could have tragically if no earlier help was coming. He said that canals are very dangerous as many cars have submerged and there were various fatalities.


The diving team searched the car to make sure nobody else was inside. The woman had no companion. Police booked on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Later that morning, a tow truck arrived to haul the woman’s car out of the canal.

For the police, it was indeed a strange case involving a DUI resulting to a woman calmly sitting atop her sinking car in the midst of a canal.

Concerned commuter, Brian Rexroad saw at around 2:30 o’clock that morning a car swerving along Dunlap Ave. Upon taking a closer look, he discovered that the vehicle had submerged into the canal and immediately dialed 911. When the firefighters reached the site, they found that the victim was on top of the car, sitting and waiting calmly for help.

Martinez-Hernandez was saved but she was issued a charge on suspicion of DUI and was given a BAC test.

Authority said that cars have been known to fall into the canal, and it is a dangerous enterprise as it has resulted to several fatalities.

A diving team went under water to ensure that no one else was inside the car, but the woman appeared to have been alone at the time of the crash.

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Source: AZ Family Com