Early morning of Sunday, a fatal accident in McAllen claimed the life of a woman and sent another to a hospital.

The deadly mishap took place off the intersection of McColl Rd. and Violet Ave. that early morning in Sunday.

According to the investigators, woman-operator was behind the wheel of a Chevy Cruz which for unknown reason hit a utility post and caused her death.

Due to the accident, the power all over the area was disrupted.

One of the  witnesses, identified as Clark Tomas Peck said that he heard a loud boom so he run towards the accident to see if he could help out.

Peck said that the Chevy was still standing, that was left of it but the woman was trapped inside. The emergency crew had to extricate her from the wreck.

Clark Peck surmised that the woman must have been driving at high speed as her car was totally wrecked.

Authorities identified the woman that was killed during the early Monday morning mishap north of McAllen.

McAllen police stated that the victim, Denise Marie Salazar, age 23, was killed in a two-car accident at the corner of McColl Rd. and Violet Avenue.

Investigators reported that Salazar was operating a Chevy Cruze when she crashed against a utility post disrupting power all over the area.

The two-car auto accident caused power disruption to the area.

According to the Police, the driver of the other vehicle was listed in stable condition.

Records showed that Salazar was residing about 4.7 miles down the street at an apartment complex at the North McColl Road in Edinburg.

A fatal car accident was confirmed to occur on July 8, 2013 which ;ed to the demise of Denise Marie Salazar, 23.

Officials reported that the two-car accident happened at the intersection of McColl Rd. and Ave. where the Chevy Cruze driven by Salazar crashed into a utility pole.  The incident also caused power to be cut off from the area. Police are still trying to determine the factor that led to the accident. It could have been alcohol & other drugs, distracted driving, mechanical failure, condition of the road or bad weather.  The cause of the accident will be uncovered after the investiagtion.

Police stated the operator of the other vehicle was listed under stable condition as his injuries were only minor. Pending result of investigation, the names of the people involved in the accident were not released to the public.

The investigation is ongoing as they were not yet able to find out the cause of the wreck.

Meanwhile in Edinburg, an obit notice was that Denise Marie Salazar visitation was scheduled on July 10, 2013 starting from 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon to 9:00 o’clock in the evening with a rosary at 7:00 o’clock rosary at Edinburg’s Legacy Chapels.

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Source: Valley Central Com