After a hit and run accident on early Sunday morning at the downtown connector, Kendra Robinson is at home and in bed, recuperating from the injuries she sustained. According to Robinson, to be able to talk and be able to move a little, she needs to take her medicines.

Aside from the pain she endures from her injuries, she also suffers the pain of not knowing who the suspect was. The driverof the car escaped the scene by jumping out of his car and into another vehicle before escaping the scene.

According to Robinsons, it’s possible that one of the friends of the suspect was following him when the incident happened and his friends just pulled over and let them get into the car and drive off.

A Columbus, GA off-duty police officer told the officers that he had witnessed the incident and was able to take note of the license plate number of the car that had escaped. Robinson said that that she does not feel that it was an accident but and an attempt of her life especially when the accident was terrible and someone do not take responsibility of the accident and just take off.

No arrest has been made so far. Robinson hopes that someone will be arrested soon. This incident had been the worst thing that had ever happened to her, according to Robinson.

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