ULTON COUNTY, Ga. — At least Monday night saw the death of a pedestrian. Police are investigating after a pickup truck hit and killed a pedestrian in south Fulton County.

The driver told the investigator that he was driving northbound when a woman suddenly darted out in front of his truck. He hit the woman on the Old National Highway near Jolly Road.

It was the second time that he saw the police on that stretch of the road that Monday.  As just after midnight, a hit-and-run driver hit another woman almost at the same spot where Monday night’s incident happened.

The driver said that he is really sorry for hitting the woman but he could not do anything about it as she just appeared in front of his car.

The driver accepted that he hit a woman with his Chevy pickup as the middle-aged woman suddenly crossed in front of him. She just was there, appearing from nowhere. There was nothing anybody can do to keep from hitting her.

He told reporters that there was heavy traffic in both directions when he struck the woman who crossed to the west side of the highway at jolly road.

It was the second pedestrian accident happening on Old National Highway in less than 24 hours.

A TV camera was able to capture the scene just after midnight Monday when police reported that a hit-and-run driver hit a middle-aged woman as she was crossing Old National Highway in front of the Baby Grand piano bar. Emergency crews transported the woman to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Taxi driver Brian Howell suggested that the traffic administration should put some walks out in the area as too many people are getting run over on this street. For his part, he always slowed for lots of pedestrians are crossing the five lane highway. Most people don’t watch where they’re going as a cross walk should be placed out here,.

Police asked witnesses who were able to describe the hit-and-run vehicle as a silver or dark gray Honda car. They are still on the look out for that driver.

Police stated that they do not expect to charge the driver in Monday night’s accident. They are not releasing the woman’s name until they’ve talked with her family.

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