Margo Bronstein, age 56, entered a plea of not guilty for causing a deadly crash in the Redondo Beach that claimed the lives of four people and injured several others.

During her arraignment last Friday, Bronstein was still under medical care while handcuffed to a stretcher and escorted by her attorney and two paramedics. She absolved herself from any guilt connected with several deaths and injuries in Redondo Beach.

The D.A. of Los Angeles County Office filed the following charges against the accused: (1) four counts of vehicular manslaughter felony; (2) one count of driving under the influence; and (3) causing bodily injury.

One accusation against Bronstein was suspicion of driving while under the influence of prescription medication.

At about 8:00 o’clock in Wednesday evening, Bronstein was driving along the vicinity of St. James Catholic Church when she swerved around several vehicles when stopped at a red light and hit a group of pedestrians who were leaving a Christmas performance at the church.

The crash killed one person plus multiple pedestrians were injured that made police suspect that the hit-and-run motorist was drunken driving.

According to Sgt. Shawn Freeman, personnel from the Police and Fire Department of Redondo Beach immediately responded to the scene along the area of Vincent St. and Pacific Coast Highway.

The group was leaving a Christmas performance at St. James Catholic Church when the accident occurred in the crosswalk.

Prelim investigation revealed that a motor vehicle drove north of Pacific Coast Highway and struck a group of pedestrians in the crosswalk who came from a Christmas performance at St. James Catholic Church.

The following were killed in the crash: Mary Wilson, age 81; Saeko Matsumura, age 87; Martha Gaza, age 36, and her son Samuel, age 6. Nine others, including four children ranging ages 5 to 14 were transported to area hospitals.

Samuel Gaza, the six-year-old boy, who performed in the Christmas show, was dragged by Bronstein’s vehicle and sustained bruised lung and head trauma that caused his death. His father and two sisters were also among those injured.

Of the victims delivered to the hospital; the two adults & one child were considered as stable; and six others were treated and released.

Police said that Bronstein was also injured with broken ribs and internal injuries.

According to friends, Bronstein also suffered from the accident. Due to a long-term disability, she used a walker or wheelchair at times. Even her car was equipped with hand-operated breaks and special mirrors.

Bronstein’s attorney could not be certain if she was impaired by prescription drugs for she does not drink; but due to problems with her brakes, it has tobe specially made.

Her bail was increased to $500,000 and will have another day in court on January 14. If convicted as charged, Bronstein faces about 40 years behind bars.

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