FORT WORTH – It was a tragic accident where a woman and a 22-month-old girl died Thursday evening. The car crashed through an iron fence and ended up in a large pond, where it sank. Meanwhile the mother was talking a 911 operator urging for help while bystanders frantically tried to free her.

The driver told a Forest Hill 911 dispatcher that she and her 22 month-old baby were in the water and her car door would not open. She continued her appeal that they are fast sinking and the car door would not open. The dispatcher calmly tried to get help to the woman even as her situation grew more desperate. But the car slowly sank in the pond.

Fort Worth fire Capt. Tom Crow said the car went out a little ways floated a little and then went under. Mother and child were under water for several minutes.

Capt Michael Baldwin, a Fort Worth police spokesman said that the woman and child, who had not been identified by late Thursday, were pronounced dead at Fort Worth hospitals.

After the rescue, the woman was transported to John Peter Smith Hospital and the child to Cook Children’s Medical Center but it was too late.

The pond is found on the grounds of Amelia Parc which is a residential complex with a landmark clock tower located near the mix master of East and Southeast Loop 820, Interstate 20 and the Mansfield Highway at the border of Fort Worth, Forest Hill and Kennedale.

Crow said that the Forest Hill police arrived first on the scene and jumped in to try to save the occupants while the Fort Worth Fire Department dive team eventually pulled them from the car.
Crow said that the pond was deep because the car is still submerged.
Forest Hill police Chief Dan Dennis stated that four of his officers went into the pond. They were shivering when they came out of the water.

The car that went into the water apparently had collided with another car along a service road of East Loop 820. The other driver also called 911.

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