January 28, 2013

A multi-vehicle early morning in New Orleans made Monday not only blue but black as it left a 28-year-old woman in critical condition and caused hours of delays for drivers and commuters.. The accident occurred a little before 9:o’clock in the morning on 610 east Interstate  near West End, just a short distance past I-10 on-ramp in Metairie.

According to witnesses who were at the site, a gray sedan was seen crisscrossing several lanes of traffic before it was airlifted and came crashing into an 18-wheeler cab. It overturned and finally rested at the far side of the lane of I-610 East.

Due to the accident, commuters and motorists were delayed for hours as the highway was closed at the I-10 and I-610 junction. All lanes going eastbound to I-610 were also closed before Canal Boulevard. The congestion caused a long line of vehicles which went as far as Causeway Boulevard.

After 11:00 o’clock that morning, all wrecked vehicles were towed so lanes were reopened.

New Orleans Emergency Medical Services spokesperson confirmed that a woman of 28 years was moved in critical condition to an area hospital.

There were no other injuries reported. Authorities do not have any more information released about the accident.

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