Tragic consequence is the fate of a driver who is traveling in the wrong direction, not only a frightening experience for him but a fearful sight for people on the road. NTSB reported that in the United States more that 500 people are killed from wrong-way driving. Most of the fatalities happened due to head-on and high speed. In fact, 22% of wrong way accidents are fatal compared with vehicles going to the right direction.

San Diego, Cal – The teen-age beauty queen of San Diego remains in critical condition Monday evening after being a victim of a heads-on crash at the Tierrasanta highway.

The accident was a collision between a Ford Escort and a minivan. CHP Officers identified the d of the Ford Escort as Matthew Leonardo, age 39 and residing in Santee. At around 9:30 o’clock in the evening, he was driving a car at State Route No. 52 but traveling at the wrong direction. Being on the wrong side, he naturally collided with a minivan along the vicinity of Santos Road.  The impact was immense that Leonardo died at the scene.

Passengers in the minivan were the wife and three daughters of the head basketball coach of the Catholic Cathedral high School. They all have injuries and were immediately delivered to local hospitals.

Further report stated that Alisa, the coach’s wife and three daughters Jayden, Logan and Taylor were involved in the accident; but Taylor was listed in critical condition.

Taylor, town’s beauty queen was recently crowned Miss San Diego. The organizers of 2013 Outstanding Teen have not yet released any media statement but are closely in contact with the family.  Friends said that Taylor was not only a beauty but a great dancer, as well; having just won a dance competition.

Cathedral Catholic High is offering a mass Tuesday morning for Cunningham and his family.

Everyone in town recognized that the part of the highway was accident prone as it has a rich history of fatal crashes due to wrong direction.

On New Year’s Eve, a wrong-way collision happened where a woman crashed her pickup truck head-on to a Volkswagen Beetle that led to a man’s death.

Three years ago, a deputy of San Diego sheriff’s office was killed pursuing a wrong-way driver near Santee.

Officer Jacob Sanchez of the California Highway Patrol said that they have given Leonardo a toxicology test and the result will confirm if the driver was DUI. According to Sanchez alcohol has played an important factor in most wrong ways accident traveling on the freeway.

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Source: ABC News Go Com