An early morning Sunday crash on the Jacksonville interstate claimed the life of a young man who wanted to be a zoo keeper. The victim was identified as Michael Kriesel, age 22 and a resident of Manlius.

According to news report, Kriesel was killed in a one-car crash at around 5:05 o’clock in the morning when the Honda Accord he was driving swerved off Interstate 95 and crashed into the concrete base of an overhead sign. Investigators had not yet found out why his car left the road ran across its grassy shoulder and crashed against the concrete base of a sign. He was wearing a safety belt.

A Facebook was created to honor the memory of this Fayetteville-Manlius High School graduate. The page read that it is sad that the beautiful life led by Michael ended tragically on January 6, 2013. He will never be forgotten as beautiful memories of him will always be remembered.

Kriesel graduated from F-M High School, according to The Post-Standard archives. He was driving on his way back to college in Florida after spending the holidays with family and friends.

Joseph Cambareri, who known Kriesel since they classmates in Fayetteville-Manlius High School said that the 22-year-old Michael Kriesel left his Manlius home at noon that Saturday for the long drive back to Gainesville.

It was less than two hours before Kriesel could have reached his destination when he crashed on Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Fla. For unknown reasons, his Honda Accord veered away from the highway and hit the concrete base of a sign.

Authorities confirmed that the youg man died on the scene.

Cambareri narrated that Kriesel had told his family that he planned to stop on the long trip if he got tired. But Cambareri was not sure he did. In fact, his loved ones were followed his progress on the social media site Foursquare. It showed him checking in at rest areas along the highway where he made some stops. At around midnight, he looked for a South Carolina motel to rest but decided to move on. Then at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, he stopped again at the border of Georgia-Florida, Cambareri said.
That was the last time, they learned of Kreisler’s whereabouts.

It was shortly after 5:00 o’clock that the morning when the crash occurred at the highway of Jacksonville. Cambareri believed Kriesel must have drowsed at the wheel.

According to Cambareri, Kriesel had a number of family dogs inside the vehicle which died with Kriesel.

Kriesel was about to start his second semester at Santa Fe College in Gainesville where he took up zoo keeping.

After he graduated from F-M high school in 2008, Kriesel studied for some time at Potsdam State University College before he returned to Central New York and spent a few years working at a dog training business. He also took classes at the Onodaga Community School.

Cambareri described his friend as go-getter and enjoyed following sports at Syracuse University, loved musical theater and enjoyed staying keeping his body in shape. He was so active, always happy and energetic.

Tampa, Florida – The police in Tampa were able to identify the 15-years -old boy who crashed his car into the Hillsborough River.

Officials stated that the fatality is Roderick Williams, resident of Tampa who was driving home alone. For unknown reasons, his car swerved off the Laurel Street Bridge and fell down into the Hillsborough River. An eye-witness reported that Williams was already driving at a high speed in downtown Tampa.

The emergency crew who responded at the scene around 4:45 o’clock that Sunday morning was sorry that they could not save the boy. He was trapped under water for as long as 10 to 15 minutes. Fire rescue crew said that it has not yet been verified if he died from the crash or drowned in the river.

A witness who lived near the bridge was first to jump in the water but firefighters ended up saving the Good Samaritan who was fighting his way as he tried to extricate the trapped driver. The crew got him out of the water and administered treatment.

The witnesses that he heard the crash after he saw the speeding car went through the upper guardrail on the bridge’s westbound side. There was a morning fog at that time and police did not discount that this could be one of the factors.

The fully submerged car had to remove from the water that early morning of Sunday. Due to the mishap, the bridge was closed for repairs.

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Source: Syracuse Com News

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