Last Monday morning, a crash along Rte. 72 at the Cider Press Road in Rapho Township was ominous for the first working day of the week. A man in his late 20’s died after his vehicle struck a pickup truck pulling a trailer.

The police were finally able to identify the fatality as Cesare Puglisi, age 28, resident of Hillcrest Road, Marietta. The information was courtesy of Dr. Stephen Diamantoni who is Lancaster County Coroner.

County Deputy Coroner James Lingg said that Puglisi was behind the wheel of his Scion xB driving eastward along the Cider Press Road going non-stop through the corner of the road. The Scion hit a pickup truck that was pulling an open trailer north on Rte. 72.

The crash occurred around 7:30 o’clock in the morning near Auto Sales office of Anthony L. Landis just south of the Pa. Renaissance Faire and Turnpike.

Puglis was pronounced dead at the scene; according to Lingg, his death was accidental due to multiple traumatic injuries. At least, he was wearing a seat belt but the impact was immense.

Cesare Puglisi, age 28, of Marietta, PA, was familiarly called “Che” by family and friends. His death was accidental from critical injuries from a road accident. He was a 2005 graduated from the High School in Donegal. A well-liked and amiable fellow, he touched the lives of so many people. He is mourned by relatives and friends. .

The pick-up truck driver was identified as R. Dunkelberger Jr., age 52, resident of Elizabethtown. He was operating a pickup truck. Police of Manheim Borough said the rig driver was not critically injured but delivered by ambulance to the General Hospital of Lancaster where he was treated and later released.

Dunkelberger was employed with S.L. Siding & Exteriors in Lititz; owned by Samuel F. Lapp. He said that his employee was on his way to a job site.

After the collision, both directions of Rte. 72 were closed for four hours but was reopened around 3:00 o’clock that afternoon.

The death of 28-years-old Cesare Puglisi was confirmed resulting from a road accident when his car in Rapho Township, Lancaster County collided with a rig early Monday morning.

According to Lancaster Online, Puglisi was the operator of a Scion and traveling Cider Press Road and did not stop when he reached the corner of Rte. 72. This was the reason why he collided with a pickup truck pulling a trailer.

Although the victim had on his seat belt, he expired at the scene. Dunkelberger Jr. was identified as pickup driver but has been released already.

Before the Manheim Borough can file charges, they have to finish investigation of the crash.

Manheim Borough police are gathering more information and are requesting witnesses to call Sgt. Kristopher Keller for any additional data.

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