It is always a cause for sadness when so many young people die or are critically injured in car accidents. It seems such a waste of the good things they could have contributed for the welfare of society.

An accident was reported Monday at about 2:25 o’clock in the afternoon involving a five-year old girl who was struck by a driverless school bus. According to the investigators, the school bus was parked along the grounds of an elementary school at Moreno Valley.

The school bus rolled back from the parking lot and hit the young girl who was on the sidewalk last March 18 at the Elementary School of Box Springs in 11900 Athens Drive.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Brian Gonsalves said that the CHP is looking into the matter as it is the function of their group to investigate all school bus accidents.

Gonsalves related that two children had already boarded the bus, which was at the north side parking lot driveway of the school. There were other pupils, including the little girl, waiting by the sidewalk waiting for their parents. For unknown reasons, the bus just rolled back and hit the victim.

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Source: Accident in Com