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Pedestrian accidents are frequent and there are countless accidents that involve pedestrians every day. There have been reports of injured or dead pedestrians as a result of a road accident. These accidents are mostly caused by negligence of motorists. Pedestrian accident re so common since there have been increased pedestrians on the street any time of day.
Pedestrian accidents involve drunk drivers, trucks, buses and public transportation. Many motorists will try to blame pedestrians who are mostly not at fault. A good and professional lawyer will act at your best interest. Pedestrian accidents can be so complicated in that everyone involved will try to pin the fault on the pedestrian.
If you are a passenger who has been hit by a bus or any other motorist, seek help from a lawyer immediately. You may have heavy medical bills that worry you or serious injuries and traumatic stress. To avoid this heavy burden, a pedestrian injury lawyer will assist you. The lawyer will protect your rights and take the necessary steps to preserve the evidence. You don’t have to worry about the bills, recovery and leading a normal life again.
Causes of pedestrian accidents
Several factors that cause pedestrian accidents since there are both pedestrians and motorists involved. These common causes include;
  • Motorists’ distraction. The driver of a bus or a truck using a mobile phone by talking or texting while driving. The driver doing other activities like grooming, eating or talking to the passengers.
  • Diver impairment. This includes driving under the influence of drugs and drunken driving.
  • Over speeding of vehicles
  • Poor conditions of roads. Roads having pot holes and black spots are prone to accidents
  • Poor maintenance of cars by the motorists. Steering mechanism failure, brakes failure and flat tires cause road accidents.  The car loses control and bumps into a pedestrian crossing the street or at the walkway.
  • A driver ignoring the road signs like a stop sign. The pedestrian may get mixed signals thereby causing a serious accident.
  • A driver failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian
Many pedestrians are at high risks of road accidents due to negligence of motorists.  Therefore, you should not worry looking for a qualified lawyer since you will be compensated in the long run.
Pedestrian accidents involve various types of claim like wrongful death, personal injuries and negligence. If you have a loved one who died from a pedestrian road accident there is a lawyer who will assist you in getting the compensation. You will not only get compensated but also be at peace since your rights had been protected. The compensation of a wrongful death may include funeral expenses, lost future earnings and pain and suffering. A pedestrian accident lawyer who is skilled in wrongful death cases will successfully represent you and make sure you get a fair compensation for your claims.
Another advantage of getting an attorney is that the insurance company does not take advantage of you as an individual. The insurance companies and the motorists will try to make a settlement with you at the accident scene. Do not agree to this and let them walk away without getting a fair trial.
Steps to take after you have been in a pedestrian accident
You have been in an accident and you don’t know what steps to take.  Personal injury lawyers recommend important steps to follow if you want a successful lawsuit against the driver who hit you.
If you are not seriously injured, you can call the police to come and make a report of the accident. Ask for a copy of the police report and keep it.  Get enough information from witnesses and take their contacts in case your lawyer wants a further investigation. Take contact information of the driver and the driving license information. If possible, you can also get the information of the car’s and the driver’s insurance company.
You can take pictures of the scene and the injuries incurred. You can also take a full report of the witnesses regarding how the accident happened. Police officers may leave some important information which may help you file for a lawsuit.
Visit a doctor for a medical evaluation. This is to make sure you are in good condition and incase of any injuries, you get the right treatment. Ask the doctor to file a copy of the medical evaluation.

Do not take long to look for a pedestrian accident lawyer. The sooner you get an attorney, the better. A lawyer will help you file a lawsuit and assist you in this process.



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