April 01, 2013

Electric power is one of the most essential needs for every community. However, there are circumstances in modern living that often affect its usefulness. Car accidents are ubiquitous risks not only in human lives but sometimes even damage the electric power of the area. If often happens that car out of control crashes on a power line so the whole section will have no electricity for hours until the line is repaired.

Concord Twp. Pa. – Philadelphia Electric Company reported that last Monday, a vehicular mishap caused more than 800 of its customers in a Delaware County to lose its electric power. As of PECO report, until around 5:15 o’clock in the afternoon, 49 customers were not yet able to recover power.

More than 800 homes were left in the dark after a car accident took place in Concord Twp. last Monday, April 1. At 30 minutes after 4:00 in the afternoon, authorities responded to a call regarding a collision at Hunt Meet Lane No. 20.

Investigators are still shifting through the specific details of the crash but they clarified that two cars were involved. Authorities confirmed that one of the vehicles overturned after impact. One victim, inside the flipped car, had to be extricated as he/she was trapped inside. No names, the drivers, as well as the victims, were released to the public as investigation was ongoing. Law enforcement officials were glad to inform the public that no serious injuries were sustained.

The bad news concerns one of the vehicles that hit a power line, which resulted into a catastrophe. A mass power outage followed throughout Concord Twp. The residents in the area were helplessly without power for more than an hour. It is a fact that almost everything in the house is run by electricity so this construed bad news.

Spokesperson for the Energy Company stated one of the vehicles hit portion of  one power equipment linked to underground connections which triggered the transformer to malfunction.

It was fortunate that no person was seriously injured. Some electric crashes in the past not only led to injury but even started a fire. This would be tragic if people are trapped inside a burning vehicle.

The incident brought lots of people in the scene. A chopper was over the area filming the frantic efforts of the emergency crew to free one person that was trapped inside the overturned vehicle.

Spokesperson of PECO said that the damage was serious as a piece of equipment connected to underground wires was hit by the overturned car so a whole area lost power. The only consoling factor was that no lives were lost.

For hundreds of electric users in the area, they will not be able to use their power early Easter morning. Residents of this Gloucester County town has a dark Saturday night.

Officials are trying to prepare charges to be issued to the driver of the car that crashed a pole along the vicinity of Route 45 and Mantua Road in N. J. Mantua, N.J. a little after around 9:20 o’clock in the evening that made more than 800 household suffered a dark weekend night.

Atlantic City Electric announced that at 1:00 o’clock in the morning, almost 2/3 of the power has been restored with only 1/3 power still being worked on. It takes time to place wire back-up and reattach equipment in this particular area.

Mike Likovich, spokesperson of AC Electric said that there are some complications happening in the repair work. They will need a few hours to iron it out.

Utility spokesperson reported that at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, most of the power was restored and by 8 a.m., there were few areas reporting outrages in their system. The police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

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