WEST PHILADELPHIA  — A 10-year-old boy stole a van, got behind the wheel, and crashed into several other vehicles in West Philadelphia, as reported by the police.

A little after 12 high noon, the owner of a 2001 Ford truck parked his vehicle on the sidewalk of 6200 block of Market Street. He was unloading furniture from an apartment on the 6200 block.

According to the police, the 10-year-old boy was not seen as he removed the keys from the rear door of the truck and stole the vehicle.

The boy speedily drove the truck to the unit block of 62nd Street where he was able to hit at least five of the five parked vehicles. The incident happened right near West Philly Produce.

All the happenings were caught by the security camera of store owner Arnett Woodall who captured it all while he was watching through a window. One of the cars struck by the boy belonged to Raydean Musier.

The boy was not hurt by the crash and was detained by neighbors until the police arrived. He sat for over an hour waiting for the police and car owners to sort out the details.

One of the neighbors, Sherri Mitchell said that the boy seemed very scared and appeared very much disorientated than anything.

The reason why a 10-year-old boy steals a van was partly explained by some witnesses who talked with the boy. He offered a disturbing explanation. He said that his mom has asked him to steal thing in order to support a drug habit. The police will be able to investigate if the boy was telling the truth.

Meanwhile the 10-year old boy is facing charges of auto theft and related offenses.

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