MIDDLESEX TWP. — What made the operator of a pickup truck to swerve off south of Interstate 81 this evening and hit a car being jumped at the shoulder of the highway? This is the $64 question that the state police are trying to answer. It was really perplexing what could be the reason why the driver decided to veer off his pickup truck at Interstate 81 south and hit a car being jumped at the highway’s shoulder.

According to Trooper Adam Reed, the erratic motion of the pickup impacted on the car where the Harrisburg woman was sitting inside. She was ejected from the car at about 7:30 this evening. The victim, suffering from critical injuries, was immediately airlifted to the Medical Center of Hershey.

The pickup overturned causing its driver to suffer moderate injuries while the man who was assisting the woman jump the car had moderate injuries, he said.

Authorities are not releasing the identities of the injured as investigation is ongoing. The names of those involved in the crash have not yet been released.

The woman who was inside her parked car at the shoulder of Middlesex Township Interstate 88 south was hit by the pickup and was delivered to the Medical Center of Hershey via copter ambulance. State police said she was the only one with serious injuries; the driver and the other man helping the woman from Harrisburg were treated for minor injuries. The mishap which involved two vehicles caused the woman to be hurled 50 feet and she is now suffering severe face trauma, according to authorities. Traffic in Interstate 81 was closed down and the vehicles had to detour Route 114 exit; however, the Interstate was open after the preliminary investigation and clearing of debris.

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