It was a bad day for commuters and motorists passing through the Pennsylvania Turnpike midway Valley Forge and Downingtown last Thursday afternoon. A crash occurred along the area and it caused a 7-mile backup to the chagrin of the motorists.

A helicopter view of the scene appeared in the news and it was really like a long procession of cars. You can blame that Chester County mishap causing a backup as long as 7 miles between Downing town and Valley Forge Pennsylvania Turnpike Thursday afternoon.

The truck was hauling cars and the authorities are investigating why the truck  crashed and suddenly caught fire.

The driver was able to get out of his vehicle and there were no other persons injured and vehicles damages. No injuries have been reported. No clear explanation was given what caused the accident.

No motorist wants to be caught in a traffic jam. A few tips might help you avoid stress being in one. If you want to have a smooth travel, do not go out during rush hours. You can always leave earlier when traffic is not yet on its peak. Traveling using the surface road is less taxing in traffic than on the freeway.. A season road traveler will have a plan b – an alternate route. For freeway traffic especially, use the live mapping feature on Google Maps’ traffic feature using your smartphone. You can also use the local traffic update in your radio stations. Lastly, you can always take the subway or use your bike to get to your destination.

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