Salford Twp., Pa.  – A violent car crash happened in Montgomery county Tuesday morning that left one person dead and another injured.

The fatal one-vehicle mishap took place along the Ridge Road in the vicinity of Sugar Hill Dr. in the Twp. of Salford.

Pennsylvania State Police reported that Sean Sperl, age 21 was driving the car with one passenger, Ryan Petrille, age 21, as lone passenger in his car.

According to the traffic officials, Sperl was running at such a high rate of speed that he reached a curve he lost control and the car veered towards the opposite lane and eventually left the roadway. The uncontrolled car hit a utility pole with such impact that it was divided in half.

Investigators learned that Petrille was ejected from the car and was died in the scene. Sperl, the operator was delivered to a local hospital for treatment of injuries not disclosed.

No report was given that charges have been filed as the fatal crash remains under investigation.

Police confirmed that a young man died and another injured when a car at top speed hit a utility pole. The vehicle was split in two at the Salford Twp, at Montgomery County.

The fatal crash occurred at around 12:10 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday at R-563 near Sugar Hill Dr.

The impact with the pole tore the vehicle into two pieces – one half wrapped around the pole and the other half ended up across the street 50 feet away.

Pennsylvania State Police reported that Ryan Alexander Petrille, age 21 also of Lansdale, was ejected from the passenger seat of the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

State Police are continuing their investigation and said it will take at least a day before formal charges will be filed.

According to Pa. State Police, Sean Sperl was operating his Honda 2000 Civic at a high rate of speed going south along on R- 563 when the vehicle hit a crashed utility pole at Sugar Hill Rd. in Salford Twp, Montgomery County.

Passenger Ryan Petrille, 21, of Lansdale, Pa. died at the scene after being ejected from the car. Sperl, also 21 and from Lansdale, was injured.

Prelim police report stated that Sperl was unable to negotiate the curve, so his car swerved towards the opposite lane of traffic and ran out of the roadway before hitting the pole.

By daybreak, they could see half of the Civic along one side of R- 563 with the other half resting on the opposite side.

Due to the accident, the roadway had to be closed for hours as the wreckage was being examined before road crews cleaned up the mess.

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