February 18, 2013

It was a bad time for Philly teen-agers to be on the road last weekend as many of them got involve in a car accident.

The Philadelphia area was the scene where three teenagers meet their untimely death after weekend crashes.

Chester County, Pennsauken and Philadelphia were the site of the three accidents where five other teens sustained injuries.

The first mishap took place a little after 9:00 o’clock Saturday evening when a young boy, age 15, seated at the back of the vehicle was ejected when the car overturned on Pennsauken’s Route 73. The impact was immense that the victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

Pending investigation, authorities did not release to the public the Id of the victim until this morning.

There were three other young people in the vehicle. They sustained non-life threatening injuries and were immediately delivered to local hospitals.

The second incident involved a teenage girl. She died after a one-vehicle crash at Philadelphia’s Bustleton area, a little after 4:00 o’clock Sunday morning. According to the police, a young driver, age 19, for unknown reasons, lost control of his vehicle. He was operating a Ford Explorer and was speeding on along Grant Avenue when he crashed on a tree just at the vicinity of Krewstown Road.

The mishap left a teenager dead while the operator of the Explorer was delivered to s local hospital in serious condition.

Police confirmed that shortly after 4:00 in the morning of that fateful day, a young driver was unable to control his car at the corner of car Krewstown Road and Grant Avenue in NW Pa. and crashed into a tree.

Police said that the impact of the crash caused an unidentified teenage girl seated in front to be ejected from the car and killed instantly.

The teenage driver, in life-threatening condition was delivered to the Aria Hospital of Torresdale.

As investigation is ongoing, the police did not release Id of the parties to the public.

The third crash occurred at around two hours later. The fatality was identified as Kristen Felkowski, age 18 and resident of Wilmington.  According to the police, at 6:15 o’clock in the morning, the teen-age operator died when for unknown reasons, she lost control of her car while negotiating a curve at the Road of Old Kennett  near Burnt Mill Road at Kennett Twp. She hit a tree and was fatally injured by the impact. Her 16-year old passenger sustained injuries but survived.

Another car crash in South Jersey claimed the life of a Philly teen and injured three others.

For unknown reasons, the car went out of control and flipped on the intersection of Route 73 and the Haddonfield Road at the Twp. of Pennsauken in New Jersey last Saturday night.

According to the police, four teens were going back to Philadelphia from a socializing at the Cherry Hill Mall riding a Toyota Corolla when the mishap took place.

The 19-year-old male driver was not able to navigate the turn from Haddonfield Road to Route 73 and crash into two curbs overturning the car.

One passenger, identified as 15-year-old Nick Tirado who was seated behind the driver, was hurled through the rear window because of the immense impact. According to the police, he died on the scene.

The driver and two other- one 15-year-old passenger & another13-year-old passenger- were all wearing seat belts. They sustained only minor injuries and were transported to the Cooper Medical Center in Camden. They were in stable condition and soon released.

Police investigation showed that alcohol was not a factor leading to the crash. The accident is still investigation.

Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.


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Source: Philly Com


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