TRAINER, Pa. – Authorities are on the look for a hit-and-run truck driver responsible in plowing into a home which killed one person.

The tragedy happened after 7 o’clock evening of Friday in West 9th Street’s 4300 Block  in Trainer at Delaware County.

According to police report, there were at least three persons stand along the truck’s path.  Luckily, two of them were able to get out of the way but the third who was an elderly man, could not move fast enough was hit and pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim’s neighbor Michele Merdian said that the deceased was an awesome guy and a very nice person and all of his neighbors felt he was a great loss..

Residents of Parkview Mobile Park Homes are all shocked and saddened and could hardly believe after learning that their 70 year-old neighbors who was a Vietnam War veteran, died in the crash.

A pedestrian called the police about the mishap, that a house was damaged and a person was trapped, recounted Trainer Police Chief Fran Priscopo. When the officers arrived they saw that the elderly victim was pushed under the trailer and that erring driver of the vehicle had escaped.

The neighbors told the police that the driver of the utility truck was Ed Shaw 46, was behind the wheel of the utility truck. Neighbors said that Shaw has been residing and working in this mobile home community. He was maintenance worker for the last three years.

Merdian stated that the driver shouldn’t have taken the truck that was already positioned for work th next day. Shaw had no business using the truck so they were surprised to see him get into the truck and drove away.

Police still has to discover the motive why he took the truck while investigating the accident. Shaw surrendered to the authorities about three streets away.

Some neighbors think that alcohol may be the reason as Shaw was having an argument prior to the crash. However, the victim was not involved in any way in that argument.

Police say investigation is continuing and the charges against Shaw are forthcoming. Until the victim’s family is informed of the demise, his name is withheld.

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