Andrew C. Carey, Middlesex County Prosecutor and Chief John Zebrowski of the Sayreville Police Department announced last Monday, they charged a young man from Sayreville for an accident that resulted in the death of one passenger.

Nicholas Gomes, age 20 and resident of Parlin borough, was filed a charge of one count of homicide by car for being responsible of the crash that caused the death of Brandon Narleski, age 19, also resident of Parlin last 9th of November. The fatality was Gomes’ passenger in the Mercedes 1997 E-420 the suspect was operating.

.Officials learned that Gomes was traveling south along Rte. 9 near Bordentown Ave. when for unknown reasons; his car hit the concrete divider of the highway at around 10:53 o’clock in the evening.

Narleski who occupying the front passenger seat of the car was ejected and was pronounced dead at about 11:14o’clock that evening.

Officials have not yet pinpointed on the specific cause of the wreck by Monday but they said that they are going there as investigation is active and continuing.

Gomes is confined at the Adult Corrections Center of Middlesex County in North Brunswick instead of a bail in the amount of $250,000.

The Parlin resident who was behind the wheel of the car has been arrested and charged with being responsible for the crash Sunday that killed his younger passenger.

Nicholas Gomes was arrested following the mishap on Rte. 9 late Sunday that claimed the live killed Brandon Narleski, also of Parlin.

Investigators learned that Gomes was operating his Benz south along Bordentown Ave. when he struck the solid divider of the highway divider before 10:53 o’clock that evening. Narleski, who was seated in front, was ejected from the car and due to critical injuries dies at the scene less than a few minutes after the crash.

According to a joint statement from Middlesex County Prosecutor and Chief of the Sayreville Police Department, Gomes was charged with one count of death by car. In lieu of a $250,000 bail, he was confined at the Middlesex County jail in North Brunswick.

Gomes and Narleski were pals as they attended Sayreville High School together.

A motorist from central New Jersey has been found the cause of death by car that killed one passenger after a one-vehicle crash.

Prosecutors from Middlesex County  are charging Gomes for the crash and he was being held Monday in lieu of a $250,000 bail. No word if Gomes already retain a lawyer.

It was about 11:00 o’clock on a Sunday evening Gomes with his friend, Narleski was traveling south of Rte. 9 and as they were near Bordentown Ave. his car struck the solid highway divider.

Brandon Narleski was pronounced dead on the scene after he was ejected from the vehicle during the crash as he was seated in front without a seat belt.

More details of the crash will be disclosed after probing.

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Source:  Patch Com News