After a tractor-trailer going east flipped over between West Main Street and Route 209 near Stroudsburg, both lanes of Interstate 80 were blocked and closed. The roadI-80 was closed for hours and the result was backups for several miles of traffic all the way to New Jersey.

There was no injury; however, the operator of the tractor-trailer who was responsible for two other tractor-trailer crashes on Interstate 80 last Tuesday will be having several citations of summary traffic violations, said the state police. Due to the11:23 o’clock morning crash at 304.8 mile marker in Stroudsburg, traffic was backed up for hours along the highway and connecting roads.

Another tractor-trailer rollover on I-80 in Stroud Township

Driving a 1999 Freightliner eastbound on I-80 in the intersection of Route 209 and the Main Street exit, Edwin Chavez, 31, resident of Paterson, N.J., lost control. The trailer’s load shifted and the vehicle flipped over the concrete median covering both westbound lanes and also the left eastbound lane.

Then its load, a shipping container, got separated from its trailer.

Susan Arnst, age 56 and resident of East Stroudsburg who was driving her Acura TL was hit by some debris coming from the overturned tractor-trailer. The another1998 Freightliner, operated by Gary Bailey resident of Independence, Mo., was hit by Chavez’s trailer.

Then third 1996 tractor-trailer Freightliner driven by 62 years old William Cowan, 62 from Bordman, Ohio, had to swerve off the road to avoid debris and landing into a grassy spot. In doing so, he damaged the undercarriage of his trailer-tractor.

Fortunately, no person was injured. The wreck was towed by Schlier’s Towing Service.

Both westbound lanes and traffic were closed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the vehicles were diverted onto West Main Street. The closure lasted for more than 4 hours while the crew was cleaning the mangled tractor.

The crews had to clear the mangled rig which took more than four hours before both lanes were reopened.

Driver of the tractor-trailer that started the crash was given a citation.

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