Criminal defense attorney of Montgomery County received a sentence from 6 days to 12 months after admitting that she was driving DUI which resulted to two vehicular crashes between the years 2009 to 2010.

Kate M. Kelly aka Katherine Roop, age 47 and resident of Yorkshire Drive, Whitpain, was sentenced last Thursday after she pleaded guilty in two counts. She drove under the influence of alcohol that resulted in crashes that occurred in East Norriton and Norristown.

After the test, authorities discovered that during 2009 crash, Kelly’s blood-alcohol content was 0.27 % and during the SEPTA bus 2010 crash, it was 0.21 % . The legal blood-alcohol content is 0.08 %..

The court room became very emotional when Kelly confessed that she was depressed and turned to drugs for consolation after her husband diagnosed with heart ailment committed suicide in 2008.

Judge Gary S. Silow was very sympathetic but he told that driving DUI is a very serious offense which required a jail sentence. It is her tragedy which should be foisted on other people. She was sentenced two mandatory, three days in jail for DUI offenses and was refused a defense request for home confinement.

Judge Silow said that driving DUI is a risk to people including the injuries suffered by crashed vehicles. Kelly, a mother of three grown children, was given by the Judge until the 5th of October to report to jail so her counsels, Ferrell and McCartney, can arrange for a cardiologist to place a device in jail to monitor their client’s heart condition.
Included in her penalty is the suspension of driver’s license for two years and the payment of of fines $2000 as a result of the conviction.

Kelly tearfully apologized for past conduct and said she was ready to face the consequences.

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