At least one person died and a second critically injured which is the result of a three-car collision Thursday morning at Montgomery County Township of Hatfield.

Police got a call at 8:55 o’clock in the morning from the Bethlehem Pike; when they reached Advance Lane, they found three cars with two badly wrecked.

It was a head-on collision which happened on the southbound lanes of the pike. There were no witnesses who saw what happened and the victims were incapable of talking about it. The collision of the three cars resulted to one fatality and another critically injured victim. The police started their investigation which will cover all angles of the incident/

The police were not able to identify the deceased person.

The second person was badly injured and immediately airlifted by the Pennstar medical helicopter to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital for treatment.

The third was uninjured but had little only little information to add to the incident.

The police withheld the identity of the victim pending notification of relatives.

Many factors contribute to collisions such as bad weather, mechanical failure and roads that are poorly maintained. But many collisions can be attributed to the driver and could have been prevented. Safe driving habits are simple and easy to do but most of the time, drivers simply forget or ignore these safety measures. When they drive they feel that they are the king of the road.

Simple tips to avoid collision: Do not drive on dangerous roads and always retain the legal speed especially during inclement weather like fog, ice, rain and snow. Keep vehicle at top condition by periodic check up of all its parts and replace any damage. Do not drive when you are tired and sleepy. These are simple rules which might keep you from being a number in the fatal accident statistics.

Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

Please consult with an experienced  pennsylvania car accident lawyer.