VENANGO COUNTY, Pa.– Another accident claimed the life of an old person today after more than four months had elapsed since the accident happened. A 78 year old man from Franklin died from injuries sustained from an accident last May of this year.

After almost five months from the mishap, the victim finally died last Wednesday, 26th of September at the UPMC Northwest. According to his attending physician, the cause of his death was the injury he sustained during a car accident last May 24.

It was confirmed that the death of a Franklin man, 78 years old, was caused by injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident in May; not by any other.

The fatality was identified as Donald Day who is a 78 years old resident of Franklin. He expired on Wednesday, 26th of September at the UPMC Northwest from critical injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident on May 24 of this year.

This information was confirmed by his attending physician. Details of the crush were not available but it is found in Police record.

Mr. Day will be missed by his friends as he was a well-loved member of the community where he resided. He was civic-minded and was a good model for other seniors in his community. One of his favorite works was to volunteer at Northwest UPMC in Seneca.

Details on the crash are not available at this time but it can be found in the police records. His friends are wondering if the authorities will impose on the driver of that accident added liability or penalty for the death of his victim.

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