LOWER GWYNEDD — Police believed that the culprit who was responsible for the hit-and-run accident of last week where a juvenile was injured is behind bars not for the accident charges but due to a violation of his probation.
Police of Lower Gywnedd police are convinced that Charles Cohen, age 47, residing in 6600 block, Montague Street – Philadelphia, was the operator of the maroon 1998 Ford vehicle that an 11-year-old boy riding his bike along Bethlehem Pike in the area of Cedar Hill Road.

On Sep. 25, the police were called to a mishap at 5:30 late afternoon to see the boy, who resides in Lower Gwynedd, injured on the sides of the northbound road, recalled the police. The boy on his bicycle was hit when a vehicle veered away from its lane towards the shoulder of the road hitting the boy. The victim fell and was hurt but the driver did not stop but continued going northwards dragging the bike under the car for a several blocks.
According to the police, the boy, in critical condition, was transported to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by an air ambulance PennStar helicopter. But his injuries were not life-threatening.

There were five witnesses who saw the accident and noted down the license plate of the run=away vehicle. So that evening, the police apprehended Cohen. He refused to say anything about the mishap and claimed he was not there.
As of date, 3rd of October, Police Lt. Paul Kenny of Lower Gwynedd said that Cohen has not yet been charged for the accident. He said that the case is still under investigation and they are undertaking the process in coordination with the D A’s office.
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