Man Killed in Bradford County Crash

Wysox, PA – Another motor accident claimed the life of one person. At least one man died immediately after a head-on collision in Bradford County.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Richard Spencer, 82, of Towanda, was killed when his vehicle swerved into the opposite lane of travel going down state Route 6 in Wysox. He must have lost control of the wheel so his car drove straight to the opposite lane.

His Buick hit a heavy commercial truck and the front end of his vehicle was crushed. The crash had such a great impact that his car was crashed with him inside.

The emergency team said he died on the spot and no longer brought him to the hospital.

Witnesses saw him driving at top speed, and then losing control swerved to the opposite lane. It was unfortunate that a heavy commercial truck was travelling at the other side. He appeared all of the sudden that the truck driver was not able to brake on time.

Police have not attributed a cause for the accident. They are still investigation the condition of the Buick driver. He was not wearing a seat belt. The police are trying to find out if he was DUI or just fatigue from driving.

This accident had only one fatality as the other driver was not injured.

Witnesses who saw the accident are requested to come forward to bring light to the investigation. More detail about eh crash will be out after the completion of the case.

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