UPPER DUBLIN, Pa. – — One motorcyclist died last Monday afternoon when he collided with a trash truck at Montgomery County. The accident happened an hour after 12 in the afternoon at Upper Dublin’s Bethlehem Pike in Pa.

According to the police, the trash truck of the Township of Upper Dublin was traveling north when it negotiated a right turn when it reached Hagues Mill Road. At the same time, the motorcyclist was also going north at the same route; he hit the trash truck from the rear as it was about to make its turn.

Investigators reported that the motorcycle and its operator were pushed under the trash truck. Due to traumatic injuries, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the spot. The crew extricated the motorcyclist from under the truck but he already expired.

Pending notification of family members the identity of the deceased person has not been released.

Police said that tat the time of the collision, there were two people riding in the trash truck. Neither of them was injured.

The police closed Bethlehem Pike from both directions from Hagues Mill Road to Tennis Avenue as they started their investigators in the scene.

Motorists were also advised to avoid the area to prevent another traffic jam.

Motorcycles are more prone to accident because: of its small size; open condition of the rider and needs special driving skills. Because motorcycles are small, they are under the mercy of bigger vehicles when it comes to collision. The body of the rider is open to all kinds of risks while on the road. Operating a motorcycle needs better skills than driving a car.

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