Freedom, Pa.—Police signalled a western Pennsylvania couple very obviously driving under the influenced, riding in the same car and at the same time that night. When they heard the summons of the police, they immediately switched seats shortly before they were pulled over. So is appeared that the driver was the woman and the man was just sitting beside her.

The couple was identified as Jason Misencik, age 33 and Crystal Seachrist, age 24 who live together in New Sewickley Twp.

They have not hired a lawyer and are both about to face a prelim hearing on the 30th of August. Charges are on DUI and other related infractions filed recently when they were pulled over July 4.

It was reported by the Beaver County Times that’s the police noticed that Misencik was driving erratically before he pulled into a parking lot and was seen switching seats with Seachrist; as she will be seen as the driver when police pulled over the car moments later.

Police pulled the car over and both reeked of alcohol and in a state making them incapable of safe driving. Test showed that Misencik’s BAC was way above the allowable limit although the woman’s BAC was slightly lower.

Police confirmed the news that two people from New Sewickley Twp. were taken into custody on suspicion of DUI. After police saw that a car swerving in traffic, the driver was made to pull into a parking lot. Police and even witnesses reportedly saw that man driver and his woman passenger were switching seats before approaching the officer. So the police saw that it was the woman behind the wheel.

The couple reportedly smelled of alcohol and officers suspected that they were both incapable of safely driving a car. As such, both were charged with DUI.

Subsequent breathalyzer tests revealed that the woman’s blood alcohol level was slightly below the legal limit, while the man’s was above it. xxx

Each state in America currently provides guideline for driver to know that only a blood alcohol content of below .08 is passable. Pennsylvania is one of several numbers of other states where DUI or DWI is never upscale to a felony even after several convictions.

Research reported that 60% of habitual offenders of DUI are suffering from mental health issues as well. Geisler believed that this is something vital that DUI court must address so they can provide closely supervised and mandatory behavior treatment. However; out of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania, there are only having courts for DUI repeat offenders, and they their success rates have been very astounding.

Geisler added that the purpose of the justice system is providing assistance so there will be no more the repeat offenders. Treatment is the only key to prevent re-offending.

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