According to a reliable report, a Pa. operator was arrested for being allegedly the cause of a deadly DUI mishap just after three days that the court’s decision to allow him to be free even if he was violating his parole.

The suspects was identified by authorities as Francis Roscioli, age 21, who just came from the Court of Northampton County last Thursday to find if he was violating his parole following a DUI arrest made last June when he was apprehended driving the wrong way down a street in the town of Easton.

Based on report, administrator Jill Cicero during the trial, ruled that Roscioli had violated his parole because he was unable to stay away from alcohol and drugs, but he was still allowed to remain free.

After three days elapsed, last Sunday morning, Roscioli driving his SUV allegedly struck a 35-year-old pedestrian who was walking along the shoulder of an Easton road. The crash was so immense that the pedestrian died on the spot due to multiple blunt forces.

According to the police, the accident immediately killed the pedestrian, who died from multiple blunt force traumas.

Police suspected that Roscioli was driving while intoxicated, but they have to wait from laboratory report to substantiate their claim of DUI. But police said the the suspect showed all signs of a drunken driver.  It was even report that suspect had been drinking at a local bar before the accident occurred.

The accident led others to make a second-guess about the court’s decision as it allowed Roscioli to be free after he violated his parole but Administrator Cicero stated that her decision was fair saying that the suspect had already done what he was expected to do before the violation hearing to correct his violations.

The decision to allow the suspect to remain free was determined in part on his recent successful urine tests and consistent participation in a drug and alcohol treatment program that had been considered part of his parole.

In the DUI case filed last summer, Roscioli was arrested for driving drunk as he was driving down the wrong side of the street. Later he was Roscioli was charged with assault after he broke another man’s eye socket during a brawl.

Now, ii seems ironic when the driver is back confined in the prison of Northampton Prison, where he will once again be tried for a violation of his parole. If the judge will find any violation of his parole, he is likely going to face an extra two more years in prison.

But the greatest danger for his parole violation will not be as enormous as a possible punishment if he is convicted of causing a fatal drunk driving accident.

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